Can you buy time? Many would argue you can’t, but I think you can.

Money can free up your time but can’t give you more of it.

Money can buy you better health care but can’t give you good health.

Money can buy you expensive watches but it can’t buy you time… or can it?

What does it really mean to buy time? …

I’m going to start this article by telling you to go watch the video below now, ideally on your phone. Not only is it a beautiful video but it inspired this post.

Welcome back, hopefully you’ve watched the video by now, if not I’m sure you’ll still understand my ramblings.

Mobile first is a phrase we’ve all heard especially in the advertising and marketing circles. However mobile is still constrained to predetermined formats designed for the cinema and TV screens. I’m talking about 16:9, the widescreen format.

Day to day we all hold our phones roughly the same way…

Harry O'Grady

London based Freelance Creative / Art Director

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